Nikolas Lust

I am a Criminal Defence Lawyer

But beyond that, I care about people. I care about people who feel helpless and feel that their life is over.  Everyone walking this earth has made a mistake and will continue to make mistakes. No one is perfect and everyone slips at some point.

I do not care if you're innocent or guilty. I'm not here to judge you. Whatever your circumstances are, gender, race, or political views - I couldn't care less. I only care about defending people who are facing life threatening restrictions on their liberty. 

I represent everyone from University and High school students to engineers, teachers, and mechanics. 

I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy. I graduated cum laude from the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law with a Juris Doctorate Degree. I articled under a senior and renowned Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto where I appeared before numerous bodies of court including the Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Justice, Landlord and Tenant Board, Social Benefits Tribunal, and the Provincial Offences Court.

I represent clients on First-Degree Murder charges, Sexual Assault, Firearms, Drug Trafficking, DUI, Aggravated Assault, and many more. 

I have always been an underdog and I bring that mentality to my practice. I'm a fierce advocate for those who have faced injustice and are on the short end of the power imbalance.

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