Nikolas J. Lust is a Criminal Defence Lawyer in the Ottawa area, located downtown at 331 Somerset Street West. Nikolas opened his practice with a vision of how legal services should be rendered.  

Nikolas' practice primarily focuses on sexual assaults, domestic violence (assault), drinking and driving, and drug trafficking. . 

If you're looking for a lawyer who genuinely cares about their clients and takes the time to get to know them, their circumstances, and to give them detailed information and guidance on how to navigate the criminal justice system, Nikolas Lust prides himself on making his clients feel cared for and protected.

Many firms meet clients and simply ask for money before they can represent them or give them advice. After you pay them, you barely hear from them again. This is an antiquated and old fashioned way of practicing law. 

Our firm has has two principles that distinguish us from other firms: client service and client care. We take the time to speak with potential clients who are in incredibly stressful situations and give the legal advice they deserve to make an informed decision. We are flexible with meeting virtual or in person. We have in-depth and meaningful discussions about your case so you can decide what you want to do. For the clients we represent, we make a point to speak with clients frequently to discuss their case, the law, our defences, the progress, and most importantly, to listen.

Nikolas comes from a lower-to-middle-class family in Canada, and understands the importance of making the legal process welcoming to the average person who may be on the fence about getting a lawyer. Getting a premier lawyer who is personable, intelligent, and fierce should not be a difficult task, but often is. Nikolas will work with you, and for you. He will fiercely represent you and your rights, and take every path available to meet your goals.

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